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The Vision

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

I have learned much from creating a business that started out as an idea and grew into what it currently is. The vision of what I have wanted to create has not changed but the way the business functions has. The development process has tested my ability to be dynamic and adaptable. I still understand that as I begin operations I will still need to be able to change and progress New Treks as I learn what the different needs are.

New Treks will be the company that reaches out to the youth who yearn to learn for adventure. Those who may not have all the means but definitely have the drive. Our goal is to teach a safe understanding of the outdoors and adventure sports so youth can understand the actions they take and why they should take them. Recreating outdoors, especially higher risk sports, comes a responsibility to nature, others, and one's self. We are here to teach youth how to be safe and have fun so they can progress in the future understanding what to do and knowing how to do it safely.

New Treks is a nonprofit that wants to continue with keeping that status. As a new business we do have to charge a fee. Grants are easier to get after a few years of proven success and data. Our hope is to be operating off grant funding and donations so we are able to provide services to families, schools, and other nonprofits for no cost. We are here to educate. This is the hope that we are working towards. Currently we offer reduced rates for families who qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch. The goal of no cost or even a more of a reduced rate would be ideal for us to offer for families of lower house hold income.


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