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We believe in the power of outdoor education.

Student Quotes

Jason J.

I’m in 11th grade. I enjoy this class because it helps a lot in the real world and how to survive. What we are learning about right now is the environment and nature.

Victor D.

This class made me more active and taught me more life skills than I've ever learned. Love how much it can teach about being outdoors.

Jason K.

After the rock climbing day in Evergreen, I went home and wrote a rap about it.


This is my favorite class of the day. Every Friday and Tuesday we do something outdoors which gives me good experience and now made rock climbing more interesting and my understanding of it always increases every time I go rock climbing with this class.


I'm a senior. About two weeks ago I went rock climbing with Andy and his team and it was probably the best experience I've ever had - it's an adrenaline rush!


I like this class because it is so positive and uplifting.


One thing I liked about the class was going to the rock climbing gym. It taught me how to actually rock climb the walls.


I really enjoy this class because they introduced me to new things I never experienced before such as rock climbing and wood carving.

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Partnered Staff Quotes

Hannah V.

Screen Shot 2022-01-14 at 8.46.51 AM.png
Special Education Case Manager, AUL Denver

"This partnership with New Treks aligns so beautifully with our community values - adventurous exploration, empathetic teamwork, and learning outside your comfort zone in a safe environment. New Treks has offered our students creative outdoor opportunities that they all deserve to have access to... To put it simply, New Treks has brought fun and joy to our community. If your school is looking to redefine what it means to be well educated and thrive in today's world, I can't recommend partnering with New Treks enough.”

Erin P.

Screen Shot 2022-01-14 at 8.43.32 AM.png
School Psychologist, AUL Denver

"Living in Colorado, we often talk about how much adventure lies "right in our backyard." But the truth is, that backyard is only accessible if you have transportation and income to spare. Snowboarding, camping, rock climbing, and almost every other adventure sport out there comes with a price tag. New Treks breaks down these barriers. By offering school-based skill development, coupled with real-life experiences, New Treks is cultivating a love for the great outdoors that is often inaccessible to students experiencing poverty. At AUL Denver, Andy & his team are inspiring a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts, and helping our students develop curiosity & confidence along the way. We look forward to a continuing partnership with New Treks for years to come!"

Alina A.

Math Teacher, AUL Denver
Screen Shot 2022-01-14 at 8.41.54 AM.png

"New Treks has been such an amazing addition to the AUL community. The things they bring to students, the biggest thing is access and the opportunity to learn about how to get outside and what you need to do and all the ways to be safe are so incredible. I'm so excited for our students and there's just been such a buzz  around the adventure class and who gets to take it and everyone wants to take it and it's just brought a lot of joy to the school community and to students. When I talk to specific students and they’re like ‘yeah rock climbing was so cool we were all scared at this part’ and just that they’re having all those shared experiences I think is not only good for knowledge and safety and learning for the future but also just them and building memories and relationships with each other and creating that community is just so unparalleled. So to any school considering new treks, I highly highly recommend it. There is nothing like it and I think being in Colorado especially there are so many outdoor opportunities and the more we can give to our kids, the better."

Max M.

Math Teacher, AUL Denver
Screen Shot 2022-01-14 at 8.45.01 AM.png

"New Treks has been a  great opportunity for students to explore the outdoors and to see a lot of life skills by actually interacting and doing really cool things. I’ve been able to see them go rock climbing and do a lot of things that in Colorado we get to take advantage of and so it's awesome to see somebody come in and show these students these skills and just show that they are able to do these things that are really exciting and really really cool.”

Screen Shot 2022-01-14 at 8.44.20 AM.png

Chris B.

Academic Counseling & Math Teacher, AUL Denver

"It’s been really amazing to have new treks here as a way for our students to gain some really hands-on, real-world science credits. And for our students to access some outdoor activities that they traditionally have not had very much access to. So there’s been a lot of really fun joy and just a lot of excitement around what they're learning and how they’re able to go actually use it on their expeditionary adventures. Its been really exciting to see.”

Marcy B.

School Social Worker, AUL Denver

"It has been so wonderful having New Treks here. They add such a cool and new experience to all of our students. They are cooking, learning how to rock climb, going into the wilderness, and building fires. They, the students, are doing things that they would never normally get to do. It is so cool for them to learn and grow all together."

Screenshot 2022-05-24 150756.jpg

Magen K.

Social Science and Core Trauma Lead, AUL Denver

"It has been an absolute pleasure watching our AUL Wolves jump into the New Treks Curriculum with Andy and Linnea. Many of our scholars have had very little to no experience in the world of adventure and the outdoors...and having the chance to witness their curiosity and exploration has been incredible. Andy and Linnea worked hard in the classroom to bring the material to life and brought endless hands-on activities and time for our young people to practice their new knowledge in a real-world way. From making beef stew in our school's alley, building fires in our parking lot and hanging hammocks from our few trees...the fun never stopped. I am so excited to see our next group of Wolves go through this program.”

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