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New Ways to Support New Treks

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Happy Monday. At New Treks, we've been working hard to establish affiliate partnerships with a variety of popular outdoor brands and it's now officially official! Although we are still growing and adding more affiliates to the list, we have received confirmation from many (such as Osprey, Rossignol and Cotopaxi) and are ready to go.

What is an affiliate? Great question! Affiliate partnerships work by connecting big brands with influencers, websites, organizations and other related entities to benefit everyone involved.

How does it work? Basically, we add their link, logo, or ad to our website. We then receive a percentage of the profit from any sale made after someone clicked the link on our website to take them to the target outdoor website. So if you want to purchase a Cotopaxi backpack head to, scroll down to where our affiliates are listed, click the Cotopaxi logo and continue with your purchase, New Treks then receives a portion to help further our mission!

Why is this important? As a nonprofit, all of our operations are funded by a variety of grants, advertising, awards and more. Affiliate partnering is a great way for nonprofits like us to receive some extra funding for our programs. By navigating to outdoor websites by clicking the links on our website, you'll be supporting a great cause while making the same purchase you were intending to initially. It's one small extra step that has a huge impact for us and we are beyond grateful for any additional support!

Which affiliates do we have so far? While we obviously hope to continue adding great companies to our list of affiliates, below is a list of the ones we have so far, plus their links if you want to start supporting us right away!

To make a long story short, three easy steps and you're on your way to supporting a nonprofit. ONE click the link above or on our website homepage. TWO make a cool outdoor gear/apparel/etc purchase. THREE go about your business knowing you've helped us out in a big way!

Also be sure to follow us on social media to stay up to date and catch special sales provided through our affiliate partners.

As always, thanks for the support.

Happy Trekking,



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