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New Sponsor Alert: Sawyer Products!

We are excited to announce that we are now sponsored by Sawyer Products! Sawyer is a company dedicated to improving water quality and access for people around the world through their technology. Their water filter, the Sawyer Squeeze, is an easy to use, affordable product that can be lifesaving whether you are someone who feels happiest on multi day backpacking trips, or need clean water in order to survive. 

Why are water filtration products so important?

Water filters are extremely versatile and portable! When natural disasters occur, transporting clean drinking water in gallons or bottles can be expensive, heavy, and time consuming. You can deliver 60 water filtration systems for the same weight as one case of water bottles. 

Sawyer's Impact

Sawyer prioritizes convenience and longevity in their products, with many of their water filters remaining in viable use for over 10 years. They have been working for more than a decade to provide clean drinking water in over 80 countries by partnering with over 140 charities. Not only do they provide products and services, they actively maintain relationships with the communities that they serve, ensuring that their work has long lasting positive impacts. For example, With help from Sawyer water filtering projects and support, Liberia became the first developing country to have access to clean drinking water in December of 2020.

Want to learn more about Sawyer Products and their impact? Check them out here!

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