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discover adventure - family style

Ok, yes! I am so very excited about this and I'm hoping you are too. Have you ever wanted to learn how to rock climb with your kid? Ever thought it would be nice to go canoeing with the whole family? Or enjoy a hike without worrying about planning or worse... trailhead parking **shudders** ? There are so many obstacles in the way of quality family time, especially when that family time wants to take place outdoors. Schedules are busy and getting outside is more difficult than it seems, not to mention the necessary equipment, knowledge, planning, permits and more that are requisite to every outdoor adventure.

Enter: New Treks. New Treks is now offering Family Exploration Days - we want to give families a stress-free, exciting adventure that they can enjoy with the whole family. You, plus the whole gang, will enjoy a full day of rock climbing, hiking or paddling with experienced guides to help you grow in skill and confidence. Conquer a steep rock wall, team up with your daughter as you canoe down light rapids or take in the heartwarming view of your children enjoying their own breathtaking mountain views. Regardless of which sport you choose, you'll be surrounded by the people you love while taking part in a good-for-the-mind-and-body adventure.

Family Exploration Days are single-day weekend programs that take place in July and early August. Each day begins at 9am and ends around 4pm, giving you plenty of time to keep up with your evening activities.

What's included?

  • Transportation to the outdoor location (pick up will be a central Denver location)

  • Equipment (think canoes, climbing harnesses, etc.)

  • Guaranteed small group size - capped at 12

  • Guided instruction

  • All necessary park permits/passes

  • A full day of family fun!

We also offer private weekDAY exploration days for those looking for an exciting activity for a group of youth during the week. For more information, prices and specific dates for each sport, and to register click here. Additionally, please feel free to contact Andy ( or Jess ( with any questions, concerns or specific requests. We look forward to working with you, seriously! We can't wait.

I hope to see you on a Family Exploration Day this summer!

Happy Trekking,


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