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A brief history of everything new treks

Like most everything in this world that at some point must make an entrance, New Treks didn't just *poof* into existence. Born of a thought, passion, idea and two like-minded individuals in the right place at the right time (a gym? of course), New Treks is the result of years of hoping, months of hard work (and counting) and one fortunate conversation.

Our mission is familiar, our vision is touted all over social media, our programming and services likewise, but who are we really? Where did New Treks come from? Allow me to elaborate.

While New Treks as an individual entity is new, the history and record for providing outdoor access to underserved youth is far from it. This is because New Treks is actually an extension of Becket Academy, located in New Hampshire. Becket Academy was established in 1964 to develop the “mind, body and soul” of adolescents who were struggling in traditional schools with the goal of helping them find a “zest for life" and succeed in the “business of life". They provide students with a natural therapeutic environment in which they can develop relationships with others, gain confidence in themselves and learn to regulate their emotions and actions. And this is where our story begins- during a happenstance encounter at the local gym. When Andy, current New Trek's Director and Becket employee at the time, met Jay Wolter, Becket Academy's President, they discovered they shared a passion for helping youth by utilizing the outdoors. Despite the casual gym setting, this initial meeting kicked off an important discussion about adventure programming and how to best continue helping youth receive outdoor education. Andy had the dream to start this type of programming in Colorado and after a few conversations Jay decided to assist in his dream. Together New Treks was formed and moved to Denver, Colorado to further Becket's mission and create new opportunities for Denver's youth.

So yes, New Treks is a new name, a new logo and a new face in the outdoor education industry but there's nothing new about New Treks' mission or the motivation to sustain it. We are an extension of Becket, we are backed by years of experience and we are motivated by a history of success. Apple was born out of a garage, New Treks emerged from a gym; We like to consider that a factual correlation that greatness comes from humble beginnings.

Happy Trekking,

A & J

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