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4 cheap and easy meals for your next adventure

We understand that planning a camping trip can be complicated. It can feel overwhelming and expensive to get everything together for the perfect trip. These recipes are easy, quick, and inexpensive! Hopefully they will inspire you to lace up your shoes and get out there!

1. Andy's pick: Veggie Bannock Pancakes

This is the perfect meal after a long day! Simple and easy to make, they will warm you up and give you the fuel you need for your next adventure:


-3 cups flour

-2 tbsp baking powder

-1 tbsp cooking oil

-1 tsp salt

-3 eggs

-potato/veggies OR any toppings you want!

Preparation: Prepare dough in a bowl. Separate the dough into 6-8 pancake shaped balls. In a cast iron skillet, cook dough until lightly browned on the outside, turning halfway through. Add syrup on top for a sweet and savory treat!

2. Linnea's pick: Soba Noodles with Freeze Dried Veggies

It wouldn't be a camping trip without some classic noodles! Linnea loves to cook up a packet of soba noodles topped with freeze dried mushrooms and broccoli, and covered in soy sauce. This dinner is sure to warm you right up, and is super easy to make for big groups!


-4 Soy sauce packets

-1 packet soba noodles

-1/2 cup freeze dried mushrooms

-1/2 cup freeze dried broccoli

Preparation: Prepare soba noodles according to packaging. Strain noodles, leaving some water left for broth. Mix in freeze dried veggies and soy sauce to taste. Enjoy solo or with friends!

3. Elena's pick: Campfire nachos

These nachos are perfect for big groups, because you can add anything you want to them to make them as simple or as complicated as you want! Filled with protein and veggies, this is meal will please even the crankiest of campers!


-1 tbsp cooking oil

-1 large bag of tortilla chips

-1 cup of your favorite hot sauce!

-1 cup shredded cheese (we used the Kroger mexican blend)

-1 can black beans

-1 large avocado

-anything else you like to load up your nachos!

Preparation: in a cast iron skillet, layer half of the ingredients together (½ of each ingredient portion), then layer the second half on top. Cover for 10 minutes, and enjoy!

4. Banana Boats

It wouldn't be a camping trip without the dessert! This easy 3 ingredient treat is easy, customizable, and delicious!


-1 banana

-⅛ cup chocolate chips

-⅛ cup mini marshmallows


Slice the banana lengthwise, stuff with chocolate chips and marshmallows. Add any other yummy ingredients you want!! (we love peanut butter and nutella). Wrap each banana in aluminum foil and cook on the fire or grill for 5-7 minutes. Enjoy!!


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