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New Treks supplies a variety of curriculum which we can tailor to your school’s needs. Below is a list of our main units and our mini courses.  At the start of each new hexter, quarter, or semester we let students know the main unit(s) we will teach. The students also get the opportunity to choose which of the mini courses they want to learn about, allowing students to have input, choice, and investment in their education.


We are constantly adding to and building our curriculum. The following are our current topics, but we are not limited to what is listed. If there is a topic that you would like included in a class, let us know, and we will create new curriculum!

Main Units:

Rock Climbing



Topics covered:

Safety Gear
Self/Group Management
Communication Skills
Technique and Terminology

Individual/Group Gear
Site Safety/Evaluation
Map/Compass Understanding
Team Building

Mini Courses:

Local Weather Reading/Understanding

Natural Tie Dye

Primitive Skills

Plant Identification

Water Purification

Leave No Trace


At New Treks, we understand that not all of our students will continue recreating or working in the outdoors after our class. With that in mind, we incorporate relatable projects with some of our topics. These projects take what students learn about the outdoors and translate their new knowledge into ideas that better their communities, themselves, and even help them realize new possibilities. Below are examples of these projects, which the students present to build confidence, practice public speaking, and solidify understanding.

Leave No Trace

The Leave No Trace Project has students relate Leave No Trace principles it to their home environment. They create principles, initiatives, and ways to better their communities. LNT helps outdoor enthusiasts respectfully recreate on highly impacted public lands. Our students take that idea and apply it to their local communities.

Screenshot 2022-05-17 202108.jpg
IMG_1074 (1).HEIC
Screenshot 2022-05-17 202159.jpg

Passion Project

Our staff at New Treks have a love for the outdoors. We encourage our students to find their own passions through our Passion Project. Students pick a cause they care about, a favorite hobby, or something they want to see changed and research how they can turn it into a way of life. Whether it is a volunteer effort, a future business idea, or political change, these projects help student develop and cultivate their dreams to make them a reality.

Screenshot 2022-05-17 201108.jpg
Screenshot 2022-05-17 201232.jpg
Screenshot 2022-05-17 201324.jpg

Dream Vacation

In several of our units, students learn how to create trip itineraries. This includes route planning, food and water considerations, gear and clothing needs, and more. The Dream Vacation Project has students take those skills and apply them to a vacation of their choice. Students create a complete itinerary that includes travel logistics, transportation considerations, accommodations, food, and activities. They create a budget for the trip and research ways to make it more affordable. We hope that one day, some of our students will get to go on these vacations!

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