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Plan diario de mochilero

A week of exciting outdoor adventure? What's not to love. In case you need more convincing, check out the additional details below or reach out to with specific questions!


Drop off and pick up will always take place at Sloan's Lake Boat Ramp, (Sloans Lake North-West parking lot 5040 W Byron Pl). From there, we will be taking the New Treks bus out to a variety of exciting, scenic locations. Check out the schedule below!

Adventure Day
Body of Water
The Academy, L.A
Bamboo, Santa Barbara
Cheers, Santa Cruz
The Roxy, San Francisco

Monday, July 11

Tuesday, July 12

Wednesday, July 13

Thursday, July 14

Friday, July 15

Chatfield State Park

Chatfield State Park


Brighton/Ft. Lupton


Chatfield Lake

Arvada-Blunn Res

Chatfield Lake

South Platte River

Georgetown Lake

Image by Rich Martello

What the adventurers learn and do

Over the course of the week, our adventurers will learn to master the both canoes and kayaks on flat water and moving water. They will also get to know their fellow adventurers, gain an appreciation for the beauty of the outdoors, build confidence and experience a week of excitement like no other. Below are some of the skills and activities included throughout the week.

Canoe and Kayak Equipment and Instruction

Exciting Team & Individual Challenges to Test Knowledge

Knots, Trailers and Transport Info

Paddle Technique

Beautiful Lake/River Exploration

Whitewater Safety and Identification

Safety Equipment & Hand Signals

Fun Introduction Games & Icebreakers

T-Rescues and Self-Rescues

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