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Since June of 2021, New Treks has been a proud partner of Leave No Trace in an effort to help further their mission to protect the environment for future generations.

New Treks se dedica a colaborar con las escuelas para llevar la educación de aventura a sus estudiantes. Trabajaremos con usted para crear una programación que se adapte al horario y presupuesto de su escuela, lo mejor que podamos. Ofrecemos una variedad de opciones, desde después de la escuela hasta dentro de la escuela, programación para el día escolar completo o incluso opciones de fin de semana y verano, y estamos felices de atender solicitudes específicas. No dude en comunicarse con si tiene alguna pregunta.


The 7 principles to the left are the guiding foundation of the Leave No Trace effort. By learning and following the principles and helping inform others of their existence and importance, you are helping preserve the flora and fauna of our world for others to enjoy in the future as you are able to now. While there are thousands of ways to help protect the environment from harm, damage, human destruction, pollution and more, the 7 principles of LNT provides a simple-to-follow and easy-to-learn set of tools to help guide your path to respecting the outdoors.

To learn more about Leave No Trace, or to donate, purchase gear or become a member of the organization, visit

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