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CAN-DO Coalition

Creating access network to diversify the outdoors

The CAN-DO Coalition was formed to address issues facing diverse, underserved, and low-income youth and families with access to the outdoors in any capacity. We are currently made up of non-profit and for-profit organizations, conservation and sustainability organizations, and private landowners. Those in the coalition either provide opportunities for youth and families or have a direct connection with the communities.


Members share one focus; create a more diverse and welcoming outdoor environment. We achieve this by working together to further our individual missions to better the collective and create a larger impact. We work together, share resources, and promote opportunity for Colorado's underserved youth and families.

Gear Library
This resource serves multiple purposes to remove barriers underserved populations face in being outdoors. First, it is a place where youth and families can come and borrow gear for their outdoor activities. Second, we will host teachings on how to use and maintain the gear we offer. Lastly, we will offer assistance on how to create an itinerary, book campsite, apply for permits and passes, and assist with the fees associated un their pursuits.

Career Pathways
Through our various organizations, paid internships and entry level positions will be offered as a way into our industry whether it is environmentalism, recreation, education, or justice. The gear library will be operated by the youth and families from our programs. Our Board of Directors and Advisory Committee will be the members from our community and be paid positions for our youth. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out to or fill out our contact form if you have any additional questions or concerns. 

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